• Turn that log into lumber
  • Make a bench for your outdoor firepit
  • Create some large beams
  • Unique 'Live Edge' slabs
  • Make a rustic or fancy table top

Has the Power Company taken down your trees?

Professional and friendly​

No Charge for removing sawable logs

Set up on your site if needed

All jobs considered

​Email or call/text cell for inquiries

At Black Bear Sawmill, we strive to be a friendly resource to help you create your ideas. No longer do you have to feel limited because you have no way to use that beautiful log! No job is too small.

I'm fortunate to live on a property with production pine and old growth timber in the same area. It was sad for me to see these majestic trees die, fall over, and fade away. I wanted to preserve their beauty so I purchased a great sawmill to do just that.  Since then each tree has it's own unique designs and if you will, personality. I enjoy offering this sawmill service in Cambridge and surrounding areas so others can create legacies from their own trees.

Black Bear Sawmill became a reality after I retired and keeps me quite busy!

Thanks for stopping by!         

​                                           Jim Kaiserlik


Sawmill Service in Cambridge

What do you do with that log?